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Art Union of London, March 1846

Jephthah’s Daughter Contemplating her Virginity and her Imminent Death,

engraving by Peter Lightfoot, after Henry O’Neil, 1846. Wellcome Collection.


The advertisement reads: “ART UNION OF LONDON  THE LIST for the Current Year will CLOSE on the 31st instant, Subscribers are requested to forward their names without delay to Professor RAMSAY, Glasgow College, or any other Provincial Honorary Secretary.

“Subscribers will receive for each Guinea paid, besides the chance of obtaining a valuable Work of Art, a line engraving by Mr. P. Lightfoot, from the Picture by Mr. H. O’Neill [sic] – “Jeptha’s [sic] Daughter;” and in addition to this, a Series of Designs in Outline, made expressly for the Society, by Mr. G. E. Hicks, Illustrative of CAMPBELL’S GERTRUDE of WYOMING.”




March 1846.

Individual organisations

Art Union of London.

People associated with organisations

Henry O’Neil (1817-80), artist.

Peter Lightfoot (1805-85), engraver.

Newspaper and Magazine references

Advertisement in The Glasgow Herald, Friday 20th of March 1846, page three.