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Thomas Boys’ Subscription Fund, September 1846


The advertisement reads: “FINE ARTS  — THOMAS BOYS’ SUBSCRIPTION FUND. Plans and Particulars may be had Gratis, by application at No. XI, Golden Square, London, or of THOMAS McARTHUR, HIS AGENT, 42, Gordon Street, Glasgow.

“The amount of upwards of THIRTY-NINE THOUSAND POUNDS of the Property is yet to be divided among the Subscribers from this time, in various portions, as described. The Sealed Envelopes, and the corresponding portions of the Property, are now ready for delivery. Lists are now prepared, from which Subscribers have the privilege of selecting any Works of Art they please, as there stated, to the amount of their respective portions, if they prefer to do so.

“The Sealed Envelopes and Plans may be had by application to Thomas McArthur, carver, gilder, and printseller, 42, Gordon Street, Glasgow.”



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Advertisement in The Glasgow Herald, Monday 28th of September 1846, page two.