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To Lovers of the Fine Arts, Paintings, Prints, &c. To Be Sold by Auction, R. & D. Malcolm, Vendue Masters, April 1810


The advertisement reads: “TO LOVERS OF THE FINE ARTS.  PAINTINGS, PRINTS &c. IN ELEGANT BURNISHED GOLD FRAMES, To be Sold, by Auction. On Tuesday the first of May current, there will be exposed to public sale, in the Vendue Rooms, Post Office Court, Trongate, A CHOICE COLLECTION OF PRINTS, PAINTINGS, &c. executed by Artists of the first eminence, and most elegantly Framed and Glazed. The whole to be seen at the Vendue Rooms the morning of the sale. Sale to begin at eight o’clock evening. R. & D. MALCOLM, Vendue Masters. Glasgow, 28th April, 1810.”


April 1810.

Carvers and Gilders
Commercial art galleries and dealers
Visting Art Dealers

Vendue Rooms, Post Office Court, Trongate, Glasgow.

Newspaper and magazine references

Advertisement in the Glasgow Herald, Monday 30th of April 1810, page three.