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Grand Panoramic Painting of the View from the Top of Ben Lomond, by John Knox, January 1810


This panorama, painted by John Knox, opened in Glasgow on the 1st of January 1810, in the “Large Wooden Building, South Side of the New Theatre, Queen-street.” The theatre referred to, was the Theatre Royal.

The text in the newspapers advertisements includes:

“MR. KNOX, encouraged by the reception of his last Painting, viz. the View of this City, has painted the above Scene on the same scale of magnitude. The View is taken within one hundred feet of the top of the mountain; and includes, in the farthest distance, the Coast of Ireland; a little nigher, the Rock of Ailsa, with the Island of Arran, the Paps of Jura, the Mountains of Ben-nevis, Scheihallion, and Ben-lawers; coming nigher, the grand Mountain of Ben-more lifts his lofty head, with Ben-vorlech, Ben-oesh, &c. &c. – in the middle distance, the River Clyde, with the Town and Castle of Dunbarton, the Town of Port-Glasgow, Loch-lomond, spangled with its numerous Islands, Loch Ketterin, with the scenery of the Troshachs, &c – the fore ground consists of that part of Ben-lomond which looks to the east, and is composed of that immense Precipice, said to be 800 feet perpendicular, and Rocks scattered about in wild confusion; the whole enlivened with figures, embracing, with one glance of the eye, a country 160 miles in length, by 70 in diameter.”

It is interesting to note the spelling of some of the place-names, compared to their spelling in the 21st century.

The advertisement informed readers that the exhibition was “Open every lawful day, from Nine o’clock till Dusk. Admittance – ONE SHILLING each. Free Admission Ticket, price Five Shillings, to be had at the Panorama”.

John Knox (1778-1845).


January 1810.


Grand Panoramic Painting of the View from the Top of Ben Lomond.

Paintings and drawings
Architecture and design

Large Wooden Building, South Side of the New Theatre, Queen Street.

Newspaper and magazine references

Advertised in the Glasgow Herald, Monday 1st of January 1810, page 3. A large advertisement, which details the views, the opening hours, and admission charges.