10th Annual Glasgow Musical (Competition) Festival – Introduction of Elocutionary Classes

An article on page seven of the Aberdeen Daily Journal (Aberdeen Press and Journal, in The British

Newspaper Archive) on Friday the 19th of December, 1919, reads:




The 10th annual Glasgow Musical (Competition) Festival will be held in May in the St Andrew’s Halls,

Glasgow. An entirely new departure has been made in the introduction of elocutionary classes, which

will prove a welcome innovation. The services of Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson as adjudicator for these

classes have been secured.


Arrangements have been come to whereby the Industrial Musical (Competition) Festival, carried on in

Glasgow for the past two years by the Scottish Engineering and Munition Workers’ Benevolent Association,

becomes absorbed in the festival, and four challenge trophies have been handed over for competition in

industrial classes.”




The British Newspaper Archive.




George Fairfull-Smith, May 2024.