1928: “The Legend of Languoreth”, by George Eyre-Todd

From page two of the Aberdeen Press and Journal, on Thursday the 19th of July, 1928:




THE LEGEND OF LANGUORETH. By George Eyre-Todd. Gowans and Gray: 3s 6d.


Mr Eyre-Todd, well-known throughout Scotland for his literary and editorial activities, has collected together his poems which have

hitherto appeared in anthologies and in brochure form. ‘The Legend of Languoreth,’ which was the subject of the recent Glasgow

pageant, is a longish poem, half-narrative, half-ballad in style. There are other poems of almost equal length, such as the fragment,

‘Helen of Troy’; for the rest the main part of the collection consists of lyrics. Verse-writing is evidently a pleasant exercise on Mr

Eyre-Todd’s part, and certainly pleasing for the reader. As a personal choice nothing in the book likes us better than ‘They tell me

there’s Siller,’ written in what might be termed a kind of mild Scots.”



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George Fairfull-Smith, January 2023.