Glasgow Subscribers to Joanna Baillie, ‘A Collection of Poems, … edited for the benefit of a friend …’, 1823


Masquerier, John James; Joanna Baillie (1762-1851), Poet; Hunterian Art Gallery, University of Glasgow;

Portrait of Joanna Baillie, by John James Masquerier (1778-1855)

A Collection of Poems, Chiefly Manuscript. and from Living Authors, Edited for the Benefit of a Friend, by Joanna Baillie, 1823.

A forty-four page list of subscribers published with this work, which was edited by Joanna Baillie, includes many women and men, who lived in and around Glasgow, or were connected with the city in one way or another. Some of the subscribers requested several copies of the publication. Among them are: Mrs. Bogle Gilmour Hill, 3 copies; Mrs. Buchanan, Dowan Hill, 5 copies; Mrs. James, Brown, Glasgow; Miss Craig, Glasgow; Mrs. Colquhoun, Killermont; David Connell, Esq., Glasgow; John Colquhoun, Esq., Killermont; Mrs. Douglas, Douglas Park, 5 copies; Miss Dunlop, Glasgow; Professor Davidson, Glasgow; Richard Duncan, Esq., Glasgow; Mrs. Denniston, Kelvin Grove, 5 copies; Mrs. Donald, Glasgow; Kirkman Finlay, Esq., 20 copies; James Finlay., Glasgow; John Finlay, Esq., Glasgow; J. K. Finlay, Esq., Glasgow; Earl of Glasgow; Countess of Glasgow; – Guild, Esq., Glasgow; John Gordon, Esq., Aitkin Head, 5 copies; Miss Graham, Gairbraid, 5 copies; Rev. Professor McGill, Glasgow; Robert Graeme, Whitehill, 2 copies; Lawrence Hill, Esq., Glasgow, 3 copies; Mrs. Henderson, Glasgow; Miss Henderson, Glasgow; William Hunter, Esq., Glasgow, 5 copies; Professor Jardine, Glasgow, 2 copies; William Kelly, Esq., Glasgow; John Kenyon, Esq., Glasgow; Mrs. Gen. Lochart, Glasgow; Sir William Maxwell, Bart., Calderwood; Lady Maxwell, Calderwood; Lady Maxwell, Pollock, 5 copies; Mrs. Mack, Glasgow; R. A. Mackay, Esq., Glasgow; Professor Mylne, Glasgow; Professor Millar, Glasgow; Professor Muirhead, Glasgow; Andrew Mitchell, Esq., Glasgow; John Millar, Esq., Glasgow; John Macall, Ibron Hill [sic]; Henry Monteith, Esq., M. P., 10 copies; James Oswald, Esq., Shieldhall; Miss Scott, Glasgow; Miss Stirling, Kippendavie; William Smith, Esq., Jordan Hill; Mrs. Smith, Jordan Hill; James Smith, Esq., Jordan Hill, 3 copies; Archibald Smith, Esq., Jordan Hill; Mrs. Smith, St. Vincent Place; Mrs. Smith, Craigend; Mrs. Smith, Glasgow; Mrs. Stirling, Kenmuir, 12 copies; Charles Stirling, Esq., Cadder; James Struthers, Esq., Glasgow; Professor Sandford, Glasgow; Robert Scott, Esq., Glasgow, 2 copies; Mrs. Brown Somerville, Langside; Miss Stirling, Ardoch, 5 copies; Captain Stirling, Castlemilk; Charles Stirling, Esq., Glasgow; John Tennent, Esq., Glasgow; Charles Tennent, Glasgow; Robert Watson, Esq., Linthouse; and Andrew Wilson, Esq., Glasgow.