From Glasgow’s Treasure Chest: A Fine Old Court – Spreull’s Land (May 1933)

A quote from James Cowan, From Glasgow’s Treasure Chest, 1951, pages 88-9:

“Many a time in my wanderings along Argyle Street [sic] I have turned in at No. 182 to see the interesting features in and around the precincts of  Spreull’s Land there, chief of which is the remarkable old hanging staircase, which still draws sight-seers from far and near. The stair stands in an oval spiral, and two things worthy of special notice are the way in which the solid old wooden doors conform to the curve of the staircase, and the cupola above which lights it. The slender iron pillars supporting the outer ends of the steps do not give an impression of great strength, but they have lasted since 1784, and will no doubt be good for as long again.”