Gaelic Society of Glasgow, October 1902

An article on page six of The Glasgow Herald, on Thursday the 30th of October, 1902, reads:


“GAELIC SOCIETY OF GLASGOW. – The annual social gathering of the Gaelic Society of Glasgow was

held on Tuesday evening in the Sauchiehall Rooms. Mr John Mackay, president, who was in the chair,

gave an interesting account of the progress which has been made in Celtic literature, music, art, &c.,

during the past year, and referred specially to the fact that more contributions had been made to that

literature by members of the Gaelic Society than probably any other Highland association in the

Kingdom. Treasurer Murray, who also spoke, complimented the meeting on the surprising number of

gifted authors and musicians who were active members of the Gaelic Society. Speeches were also

made by Messrs James Mackellar, Henry Whyte, Donald Nicolson, and James Mackeggie.”