Griffin’s Reading Room and Public Subscription Library, 64 Hutcheson Street, May 1829

On page three of the Glasgow Herald on the 15 of May 1829, R. Griffin and Co. informed readers that they had:

“recently fitted up, immediately above their Library, an ELEGANT & COMMODIOUS NEWS ROOM, where the Subscribers are regularly supplied with London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Provincial Newspapers, the Popular Periodicals &c. – Terms of Subscription, 16s. (shillings) per year, 9s. (shillings) per half year, 5s. (shillings) per quarter, or 3s. (shillings) per month.

“From the convenient and central situation of this Establishment, and the moderate rate of Subscription, R. G. & Co. are induced to believe that those who have hitherto so liberally encouraged the endeavours made to accommodate them will likewise bestow their support upon the present undertaking. A new Catalogue of the Library is just published, price 1 s. (shilling) 6d. (sixpence).

“The following are the terms of Subscription to the Library, including the free use of the News Room:-


Per Annum     Per Half Year   Per Quarter   Monthly

First Class         £3   0               £1  15s               £1   0                0  8  6

Second Class       2   0                  1   5                    0  15               0  7  0

Third Class          1    4                 0   14