John Strang (1795-1882)


Portrait of John Strang, from Memoirs and Portraits of One Hundred Glasgow Men, volume 2, pages 305-8.

John Strang was born in Glasgow, the son of John Strang of Dowanhill, the proprietor of a successful wine and spirit business. Inheriting his father’s business, he preferred to travel to France, Italy and Germany, to study the language and literature of these countries, and to see the great works of art in the continental galleries. On his return home, he translated numerous prose and poetical works by French and German authors, and wrote art criticisms and reviews.  Strang was a member and office-bearer of The Maitland Club; editor of The Day, a short-lived daily paper in Glasgow; wrote Necropolis Glasguensis; With Observations on Ancient and Modern Tombs and Sepulture, which was published by Atkinson & Co., in 1831. The latter was dedicated to James Ewing, LL.D., Dean of Guild, and the Members of the Merchants’ House of Glasgow.