Letters to the Editor: The Ruins of Kelvingrove House, March 1900

A letter, from J. S. Lindsay, 2 Glasgow Street, Hillhead, and dated March 17, 1900, was published on page nine of The Glasgow Herald, on Wednesday the 21st of March. It reads:


“I had a look to-day at the ruins of Kelvingrove House, and it was melancholy to see the two pretty columns that adorned the front door lying broken in pieces, the carved pilasters being converted into material for concrete work, all the woodwork, with the old style of doors and quaint windows, removed, and now being used converted into firewood. However, there are a few balusters, the carved capitals of the columns, with their bases, and a few ornamental stones still left worthy of a corner in the park, unless the destroyers wish every trace of their mistake removed. It is to be hoped a photograph of the old house has been preserved and will be on sale.”


J. S. Lindsay is listed on page 340 of the Post Office Glasgow Directory for 1899-1900, and was a joiner.