An Editorial Diary, March 1937: “A Clydebank Novelist” – Mr Edward Shiels

AN EDITORAL DIARY,  on page twelve of The Glasgow Herald, on Friday the 5th of March, 1937, includes

the following:


A Clydebank Novelist


Mr Edward Shiels, whose first novel ‘Gael over Glasgow’ is published to-day, is a

Clydebank man and an engineer who has been incapacitated by an accident. He

has already written a wireless play, ‘Back to Clyde,’ which was broadcast twice

from Glasgow and once in a Dutch translation from Amsterdam. His novel deals

with the effect of life in the shipyards on Scottish and Irish Gaels. The author is

at least familiar with the shipyard workers he writes about, which is more than can

be said of most who have attempted to interpret Clydeside to the world.”