May 1871: Stuart Cranston & Co. – Purchase of Lease of Premises, 44 St. Enoch Square

An advertisement on the front page of The Alloa Advertiser and Clackmannanshire Journal of News, Politics, and Local

Occurrences (listed as the Alloa Advertiser in The British Newspaper Archive), on Saturday the 13th of May, 1871, reads:



GLASGOW, 20th April, 1871.


IN now intimating our purchase of lease of Premises,


where a Wholesale and Retail Tea Trade has been successfully prosecuted by Messrs MILLER, MILLER & Co.,

we beg to inform our friends in Glasgow and throughout Scotland that our entire means and attention will now

be devoted to the cultivation of a FAMILY TEA TRADE, which we hope to conduct on sound commercial principles,

yielding mutual satisfaction to our patrons and ourselves.


The old adage ‘Small Profits and Quick Returns’ will be our maxim, and to give every Customer a quality of Tea

previously unsurpassed at the price will be our aim.


Our Cash Capital places at our command the best Markets throughout the world, and our skill and experience

enable us to make the most profitable selection of Pure and sound Teas. Customers may thoroughly rely on the

genuineness of all Teas supplied, as our principal, while connected with the wholesale trade here, received an

extensive systematic training in Tea-tasting, a training indispensible [sic] to a judicious buyer, which enables him

at once to discern Teas of inferior character.


We calculate, therefore, on support from those who wish an equivalent for their money; and we promise at all times

to furnish an article of uniform quality, as regards both strength and flavour.


The following quotations will represent qualities of Tea, which on trial will be found to be unsurpassed in Glasgow: –

1s 9d, 2s, 2s 4d, 2s 8d, 3s, 3s 4d, per Lb.

Sample Free by Post

COFFEE and SUGAR kept for convenience of Customers.

Carriage paid by Railway or Steamer on Forty Shillings worth of Tea.




The British Newspaper Archive.



George Fairfull-Smith, June 2023.