May 1909: Publication of “Select Readings and Recitations”, Adapted and Arranged by John Forsyth, Teacher of Elocution to Glasgow University

An article on page six of the Edinburgh Evening News, on Wednesday the 12th of May, 1909, reads:




Mr Alex. Gardner, Paisley, publishes a handy little book, ‘Select Readings and Recitations,’ adapted and arranged

by John Forsyth, teacher of elocution to Glasgow University. Mr Forsyth aims at supplying a want in connection

with the teaching of elocution in public schools, and the pieces selected have been chosen on account of their

suitability for elocutionary practice. This is a book that will be found useful by teachers. The pieces chosen are brief,

varied, and well adapted for the learner, being graded for different degrees of advancement. A number of plain, simple

rules are given, with examples to assist learners. The tone of the pieces is thoroughly healthy, and many of them are

fresh and unhackneyed.”



The British Newspaper Archive.



George Fairfull-Smith, March 2024.