November 1914: George Miller Reid Gives a Splendid Rendition of William Ernest Henley’s Poem, “Invictus”, During ‘Belgian Week’, at the Shawlands Cross Picture House

An article on page 635 (page 57, in The British Newspaper Archive), of The Bioscope, on Thursday the

12th of November, 1914, reads:


“The presence of so many Belgian refugees in the city gave Mr. Miller Reed [sic], of the Shawlands Cross

Picture House, the idea for a special Belgian Week. Every evening a large number of the Belgians were the

guests of the management, and a programme of topical subjects was screened for their benefit. The star

picture was ‘Chained to the Enemy,’ dealing with the spy danger, and other items of the programme were

particularly appropriate to the audience and the times. In addition, Mr. Reed [sic], who adds to his many

accomplishments that of being a vocalist of no-mean calibre, gave a splendid rendering of Henley’s now

famous poem, ‘Invictus,’ which was rapturously received at every performance. The poem, the words of

which were thrown on the screen, pleased the Belgian visitors immensely. During the performance

collections on behalf of the Belgian Relief Fund were taken, and the amount realised makes a most

acceptable contribution.”




The British Newspaper Archive.




George Fairfull-Smith, June 2024.