Ornamental Penmanship: Specimen of Plain and Ornamental Penmanship, Designed by Mr. Wyper, and Engraved by Mr. Swan, January 1832

A short notice on page two of the Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 2nd of January reads:


Ornamental Penmanship.- We have just seen a beautiful specimen of plain and ornamental penmanship, designed and written by Mr. Wyper, teacher of writing, John-street, and engraved by Mr. Swan. Much talent and taste has been shown in the design as well as the execution of the piece; and the extract, which is from the writings of Dr. Dick, proves that a just discrimination has also been displayed in its selection; in fine, if neatly framed, there could hardly be a better ornament for a handsome room.”


James Wyper is listed as a “writing master, 46 John street,” on page 326 of The Post-Office Annual Directory for 1831-32.  The Reverend John Dick D. D. (1764-1833) was an eminent divine and professor.