Sale of the Library of the Late Joseph Bain, Esq., Advocate, F. S. S. A., etc., etc., at Barclay and Skirving’s Sale Rooms, 164, Trongate, Glasgow, January 1833

An advertisement on page three of the Glasgow Herald, on Friday the 4th of January, 1833, about the sale of the late Joseph Bain’s library. The auction was scheduled to commence on Monday the 7th of January, and “seven successive evenings, each night’s sale commencing at half-past seven o’clock.” It comprised:

“THE ENTIRE LAW LIBRARY, and a portion of the MISCELLANEOUS LIBRARY, of this Gentleman, comprising many valuable Works in Scottish, English, and Civil Law, and General Literature, and a COMPLETE SET OF THE BOOKS PRINTED FOR THE MAITLAND CLUB, (of which Club Mr. Bain was a Member from its institution till his death).”


Catalogues were available at Barclay and Skirving’s sale-rooms, at 164 Trongate.


A search of Glasgow University Library’s online catalogue, shows that Joseph Bain (1791-1832) edited The Maitland Club’s The Poems of Sir Richard Maitland, of Lethingtoun, Knight, 1830. The library also has his Disputatio Juridica, 1823.