The Colosseum Library, October 1894: an Article in ‘The Fife Free Press’

An article on page two of The Fife Free Press, on Saturday the 20th of October, 1894, reads:




The local branch of the Colosseum Warehouse Company (formerly Walter Wilson & Co.,) which

in its ordinary business has shown us much enterprise and continues to make rapid advances in

various directions, has now taken up the sale of an extraordinary cheap edition of the standard

novels of well-known authors, the demand for which is quite unprecedented, the publishers

finding it almost impossible to print the books fast enough to supply the large demand for copies

at the numerous branches of the Colosseum. This is hardly to be wondered at when one sees the

value given for money, and at the Kirkcaldy establishment, 53 High Street, a big business is being

done in this line. The books are handsomely bound in cloth gilt, with bevelled boards and gilt tops,

and a collection of them would be an acquisition to any bookcase.”



The newspaper from which the above is taken,  is listed as “Fife Free Press, and Kirkcaldy Guardian” in

The British Newspaper Archive.


The British Newspaper Archive.



George Fairfull-Smith, December 2022.