The Movement for Beautiful Speech, November 1923

From page three of The Glasgow Herald, on Thursday the 29th of November, 1923:



The group of students of Miss Marjorie Gullan, Glasgow, who recently took part in the Oxford Recitations, will give a poetry recital at the League of Arts, The Guildhouse, Belgrave Road, Eccleston Square, London, on Friday, December 7. The programme will include English lyrics, speeches and choruses from Greek drama, Scottish ballads, and Psalms with refrains spoken in unison. On the following day Miss Gullan and her students will give another recital in Kensington, and the work which they are doing in London will be repeated in Glasgow on February 1,  1924, in the Lyric Theatre. The movement for the beautiful speaking of good poetry, in which Miss Gullan and her students are taking part, is largely educational in character, and is of great value to children as well as to adults.”



George Fairfull-Smith, August 2020.