1894: Mr T. A. Ewing’s New Premises, Sauchiehall Street – 520 Sauchiehall Street

On page twenty-three of The London and Provincial Music Trades Review, No. 197, January 15, 1894, under

“Trade in the Provinces. (By Various Travelling Correspondents)”  is the following:


“Business is still depressed in Glasgow, though there are signs of a revival. … Mr T. A. Ewing has purchased a

site in Sauchiehall Street, and is going to erect a most massive and ornamental warehouse. The designs are

severely Greek in style, and when finished it will be one of the most artistic and striking buildings in this busy

thoroughfare …”


and, on page twenty-five is:


“Mr T. A. Ewing’s very handsome new premises in Glasgow are now nearly completed, and they will

prove one of the finest saloons in the country.”




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George Fairfull-Smith, June 2024.