A Review of Giulio Regondi, March 1833

An article on page two of the Glasgow Herald, on Monday 11th of March, 1833, reads:


“Giulio Regondi, the very interesting boy whose performances on the guitar have afforded an exquisite treat to the lovers of music in other cities, both in this country and on the continent, has made a display of his extraordinary powers to large audiences here. He has inspired the same feeling of inspiration and astonishment as has marked his ‘progress’ in other places. The very air and expression of the boy announce genius; and the exquisite harmony he makes his instrument ‘discourse,’ together with the fancy and feeling he infuses into his performances, proclaim his wonderful and precocious powers. His innocence and youthful gaiety and playfulness we know have warmly interested many of the good people of Edinburgh in his welfare, and the urbanity and amiable manners of his father, under whose tuition and peculiar method the young guitarist has attained such perfection, procured for him the kind wishes of many respectable friends. He performs again this week.”


There is an advertisement on the same page for two more concerts, to be held at the Assembly Rooms, on Ingram Street. One, on Thursday the 14th of March, in the evening, and a Morning Concert, on Saturday the 16th. The evening one commenced at eight precisely, and the morning one at half-past one. On these occasions, the price of a single ticket was 4s., an increase of 1s. on the previous performances, and the one ticket for four persons and above, had increased to 3s. per person.