Advertisement for Madame Ritter Bondy’s Recital at the Athenaeum Hall, October 1893

There is an advertisement on page one of The Glasgow Herald, on Wednesday the 27th of September 1893, for a Pianoforte and Violin Recital at the Athenaeum Hall, on Tuesday the 3rd of October. The musicians were Madame Ritter Bondy (also spelt Ritter-Bondy), assisted by her son and daughter, Miss Ida and Mr. Camillo.


Tickets cost: four shillings for reserved balcony; three shillings for reserved stalls; one-shilling-and-sixpence for the back balcony; and one shilling for the area. They were available from Messrs. Paterson, Sons & Co., 152 Buchanan Street; and at the Secretary’s Office, Glasgow Athenaeum, St. George’s Place.