Annual Soiree of Greyfriars’ U.P. Church Sabbath Schools, at Glasgow’s City Hall, on Wednesday the 13th of February 1861.

A short notice on page two of The Glasgow Herald, on Thursday the 14th of February 1861, reads:


“ANNUAL SOIREE OF GREYFRIARS’ U.P. CHURCH SABBATH SCHOOLS. – The annual soiree of these schools was held last evening in the City Hall – the esteemed pastor of the church, the Rev. Henry Calderwood, being in the chair. Addresses were delivered by the Chairman; the Rev. Jas. C. Bryce, Kelvinhaugh; the Rev. G. K. Flindt, A.M., of St. Jude’s; and the Rev. Mr. Robertson of Irvine. The hall presented a fine appearance, being filled with jubilant juveniles, all of whom, with their guardians and the older portion of the scholars, seemed to enjoy themselves much. The proceedings were further enlivened by the attendance of the orchestra of the Social Reform Association, which is perhaps the finest in the city. A statement was made of the present condition of the schools, most encouraging and hopeful in all respects, and reflecting high credit on the various teachers engaged in them, and the spirit of the congregation at large.”