April 1895: Glasgow Glee and Catch Club – Annual Smoking Concert, in the Grand Hotel

An article on page three of the Glasgow Evening News (Glasgow Evening Post, in The British Newspaper Archive), on Friday the

19th of April, 1895, reads:


“GLASGOW GLEE AND CATCH CLUB.  We owe thanks to the company of distinguished amateurs who have for so many years given us

instructive performances of glee and catch music—a class of composition much neglected nowadays, but which, nevertheless, is among

the chief glories of the old English school. At their annual smoking concert in the Grand Hotel last night, the club had a varied

programme, which, it is almost needless to say in the case of so well-trained a choir, was admirably performed, under the sympathetic

conductorship of Mr Allan Young. The part-songs and the solos were warmly applauded by the audience, which, as usual, was a large one.”




The British Newspaper Archive.



George Fairfull-Smith, August 2023.