April 1912: Successful Folk-Song Recital, in Connection with The Beltane Society, Held in Mr Graham Price’s Dramatic Studio, Charing Cross Mansions

An article, under the column heading “MUSICAL NOTES, By CHORISTER”, on page seven of The Falkirk Herald

and Midland Counties Journal (Falkirk Herald, in The British Newspaper Archive) on Wednesday the 1st of May,

1912, reads:


“A successful folk-song recital was given in the dramatic studio, Charing Cross Mansions, Glasgow, of Mr Graham

Price on Thursday afternoon in connection with the Beltane Society. A large number of those present joined the

society at the close of the proceedings. Folk-songs were rendered by Miss Kate Bone, Miss Polly White, Miss Rosa

McDougald, Mr George H. Martin, Dr Mackie, Mr Armand Thomson, and Mr Price. Professor McNeile Dixon

explained the aims of the society, and asked those present to help in saving the folk-songs and dances of the Lowlands,

which were rapidly dying out. Next winter classes will be formed for the study of folk songs and dances. A committee of

the Beltane Society is being formed in Edinburgh, with Mrs Kennedy Fraser as the convener. Next autumn a folk-lore

festival will be held in Glasgow, and at a recital which Mrs Kennedy Fraser is to give during December, it is hoped that

the Duchess of Sutherland will give her presidential address.”



The British Newspaper Archive.



George Fairfull-Smith, June 2024.