April 1914: Arthur Balfour Choir

An article on page twelve of The Glasgow Herald, on Thursday the 23rd of April, 1914, reads:



At the close of a record year in respect of the number of

meetings attended the members of the Arthur Balfour

Choir on Tuesday evening held their 20th annual business

meeting in the Park Hall, Woodlands Road, Glasgow. There

was a good attendance, and the following office-bearers were

elected for the ensuing year: – Hon. president, Sir John

Stirling-Maxwell, Bart.; president and chairman, Colonel John

Gardiner, V D.; hon. secretary and treasurer, Mr William

Hutson, writer, 212 St Vincent Street; conductor, Mr Richard

Burt; accompanist, Miss May H. Tulloch, L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M;

librarian, Mr James Hutton; assistant librarian, Mr Alexander

Caldwell; and committee, Major F. W. Allan, Messrs C. J. Cleland,

D. M. Crerar Gilbert, H. Macready, James Hunter, James Hutton,

Robert W. Connell, jun., and Robert Graham, and Misses Marshall,

Sinclair, Kerr, and Farmer.”