August 1858: Wylie and Lochhead Workers’ Pleasure Trip to Millport – Music, Singing and Dancing

An article on page two of the Glasgow Morning Journal, on Thursday the 26th of August, 1858, reads:


“PLEASURE TRIP—The workers in the various departments connected with the establishment of the

Messrs Wylie & Lochhead, 45 Buchanan Street, accompanied by their friends, in number about 600,

met in Union Court on Saturday morning last, at half-past six o’clock, where they formed themselves

into procession, headed by the managers of departments, and accompanied by the Pollokshaws

instrumental band. They then proceeded to the Broomielaw, where they were met by one of the firm,

who had kindly come to see them embark on board the Lady Brisbane, Captain McKellar, which was

chartered for the trip. The steam being got up the boat took her departure for Millport, those on board

giving a parting cheer. When opposite Whiteinch the excursionists were saluted by the firing of guns by

a portion of the Company’s servants employed there, which was answered by three hearty cheers. The

deck being cleared, some betook themselves to dancing to the stirring strains of a quadrille band which

was in attendance, while others viewed with delight the beautiful scenery along the Frith of Clyde. On

arriving at Millport the company proceeded to a green lawn near the shore, where they formed themselves

into a circle, and sung ‘Ye Banks and Braes,’ making the hills re-echo the sound. The company then

dispersed to enjoy the few hours they had to spend upon the island. The hour for their return having

arrived, they re-embarked, and, to the strains of the quadrille band, continued to foot it merrily until the

vessel reached the Broomielaw, where all departed for home, highly delighted with the pleasant day they

had spent.”



The British Newspaper Archive.



George Fairfull-Smith, August 2023.