August 1899: Glasgow Cathedral Organ Recitals – Mr Herbert Walton and Vocal Solos by Miss Jenny Taggart

An article on page four of The Glasgow Herald, on Tuesday the 15th of August, 1899, reads:




Mr Herbert Walton, organist of our Cathedral, gave last evening in the grand old building the

first of a short series of organ recitals. The programme was made up of five instrumental numbers

and two vocal solos, given by Miss Jenny Taggart. The pieces were so selected as to give requisite

light and shade to the recital, and also to employ all the resources of a powerful as well as brilliant

instrument. E. T. Chipp’s Concert Fantasie on Haydn’s ‘Hymn to the Emperor,’ with which the

recital opened, and Bach’s C Major Toccata and Fugue served to bring out the tone-colour of the

organ not less than the accomplishment of the performer, whose rendering of the fugue was

especially fine. Between these a delicate and graceful number, ‘At Evening,’ by Dudley Buck, was

pleasantly suggestive of the repose implied in its title. Two pieces by G. Pierne [sic] and the March

from Raff’s ‘Lenore’ Symphony brought the recital to a close. Miss Taggart sang in good style

Haydn’s ‘On Mighty Pens,’ and with great beauty of voice and genuine feeling Schubert’s ‘Peace.’

The second recital will be given next Monday evening.”


Edmund Thomas Chipp (1823-86) an English composer and organist.

Dudley Buck (1839-1909) an American composer, organist and writer on music.

Gabriel Pierné (1863-1937) a French composer, conductor, pianist and organist.

Joseph Joachim Raff (1822-82)  a German-Swiss composer, pedagogue and pianist.