August 1904: The Turbine Musical Cruise – The Glasgow Toynbee Musical Association

An article on page two of The Greenock Telegraph and Clyde Shipping Gazette, on Thursday the 11th of August, 1904,





The Queen Alexandra carried a complement of about 2000 trippers last night to Loch Goil, the larger number

hailing from the city. The Glasgow Toynbee Musical Association, over 70 in number (Mr Hugh S. Robertson [sic],

conductor), accompanied the cruise, and rendered glees and part songs. The most enjoyable part of the

programme was given in the saloon, where the cultivated singing of Misses Boyd [sic], Steven [sic], and Jenny

Allan was much admired. Mr Wylie Dick also contributed some baritone songs in fine voice. The humorous

element was not lacking, and in this part of the programme Mr John Walker, Greenock, carried off the honours,

his songs being heartily encored. The Toynbee musicians made such a good impression that a return visit on

the river would be welcomed. The evening was fine, and the large party of cruisers enjoyed the trip thoroughly.

The steamer returned to Princes Pier at 10.30.”


The author of the above article misspelt Roberton’s name, and apparently turned Miss Boyd Steven into two people.