Banjo Recital by Mr. Shortie, at the St. Andrew’s Halls, on Wednesday the 9th of December 1891

From page six of The Glasgow Herald, on Thursday the 10th of December:


“BANJO RECITAL BY MR SHORTIE.- The banjo, which until recent years was associated only with Christy Minstrel entertainments, has now become fashionable in drawing-rooms, mainly owing, no doubt, to the example set in aristocratic quarters. That it is an instrument capable of producing music of a much higher class than that usually elicited from its strings was shown by the performance which Mr P. C. Shortie, a celebrated American banjoist, gave yesterday evening in one of the rooms in the St Andrew’s Halls. Mr Shortie is a perfect master of the instrument, and the selections which he gave, all his own compositions, revealed how much hidden sweetness and melody may be extracted from the banjo when played upon by skilful hands. The imitations of the human voice were most realistic, indeed, at times the instrument seemed almost to speak. Mr Shortie had a most hearty reception from the audience that filled the room. Several other artistes took part in the concert.”