December 1914: “Beethoven and War” – A Lecture by Professor Henri Verbrugghen, at the Glasgow Literary Club, Assisted by Miss Ailie Cullen

An article on page eleven of The Glasgow Herald, on Friday the 11th of December, 1914, reads:




The second lecture of the winter series was delivered last night at this club by Professor Henri

Verbrugghen, the Chair being taken by Mrs R. R. Speirs, Convenor of the House Committee.

Professor Verbrugghen took as his subject “Beethoven and War.” He propounded many novel

and interesting theories as to their relationship, tracing the warlike element through several of

the Symphonies. In the musical illustrations of his discoveries his own violin was ably reinforced

by Miss Airlie [sic] Cullen at the piano. The lecturer claimed the great composer as a Belgian; and in

addition to a very hearty vote of thanks, proposed by Dr E. H. Lawrence Oliphant, Professor

Verbrugghen received a substantial contribution to the Belgian Relief Fund. Lectures will be

delivered during the present season by Mr A. R. Cowan, Professor Latta, Mr David Baird Smith,

and Mr Robert Turnbull.”



George Fairfull-Smith, May 2022.