Blind Glee Party’s Third Annual Concert, Waterloo Rooms, Tuesday the 24th of November 1891

From page six of The Glasgow Herald, on Wednesday the 25th of November, 1891:


“BLIND GLEE PARTY’S CONCERT. – The third annual concert of the Blind Glee Party was given last night in the Waterloo Rooms. There was a large audience, who gave a very cordial reception to the blind artistes. The programme was miscellaneous, and included familiar solos and part songs. Mr John Pryde, bass; Mr Wm. Sinclair, tenor; Miss E. McLeary, soprano; and Miss McRae, contralto, took part in the proceedings, which were of a most enjoyable nature. All the singers, notwithstanding the obvious disadvantages, gave very intelligent rendering of the music. The concert was varied by selections on the violin by Mr George Grant, and pianoforte solos by Miss F. McKinnon.”