Christina Dawson’s First Performance in Glasgow, November 1850

On page two of The Glasgow Herald, on Friday the 29th of November, 1850, is a short notice, which reads:


Miss Dawson.- We have only space to mention that last night Mr. Seligmann gave his first concert in Glasgow, at which Miss Dawson made a most triumphant debut [sic]. And never, except in the case of Mademoiselle Jenny Lind, have we seen so enthusiastic and cordial a welcome given to a vocalist in this city. When we state that her singing was better than we expected, taking all things into consideration, we do her small justice. She is an excellent singer, and her efforts were rapturously applauded. The concert altogether was of a first-rate character. But we will resume the subject on Monday, for it will not do to let such an event pass without a more complete notice than we have either time or space this morning.”