Concert at Maryhill: Full Highland Costume Performance of “Rob Roy”, by the Glasgow Choral Society, Under the Auspices of the Victoria Jubilee (Maryhill) Lodge of Ancient Shepherds, in the Burgh Hall, on Tuesday the 21st of December, 1897

There is a short notice about the concert, on page six of The Glasgow Herald, on Wednesday the 22nd of December, 1897:


“CONCERT AT MARYHILL. – Last night, under the auspices of the Victoria Jubilee (Maryhill) Lodge of Ancient Shepherds, the Glasgow Choral Society gave a performance in full Highland costume of ‘Rob Roy’ in the Burgh Hall, Maryhill. The object of the concert is to provide a prize fund in connection with the lodge. Councillor Kerr presided, and there was a crowded audience. Mr J. MacIntosh proved an excellent ‘Rob Roy,’ and Miss A. L. Merrylees (medalist) scored a success as ‘Helen Macgregor.’ The other characters acquitted themselves satisfactorily. The chorus, numbering 100 voices, rendered the various part-songs in a pleasing manner. Mr W. Grant, A.C. (E.M.), acted as conductor, and Mr James Clark made an excellent accompanist. Mr Dan. Gunn officiated as piper.”