Court and Alley Concerts, June 1902: Purdon Court, Cowcaddens

An article on page six of The Glasgow Herald, on Friday the 6th of June, 1902, reads:




One of these out-of-door concerts was given on Wednesday evening in Purdon Court,

160 Cowcaddens. The court and every available coign of vantage was fully occupied by

the inhabitants and dwellers in the neighbourhood. All appeared to enjoy the long and

varied entertainment thoroughly. Bailie Dallas, one of the representatives of the

Cowcaddens Ward, made an efficient and popular chairman. The programme was

sustained by the Glasgow Locomotive Works (Dubs & Co.’s) Brass Band, conducted by

Mr Jas. McDade; by Mr Anderson’s Choir, Madame J. S. Mackie, Mr Jas. Erskine,

vocalists; Master Willie Allan, champion Highland and Irish dancer; and Piper J.

McPhail. Miss Amy McDonald presided at the piano. Mr R. T. Gardiner moved a vote

of thanks to the chairman, which was heartily given.”



George Fairfull-Smith, March 2022.