December 1897: Springburn Choral Society

An article on page six of The Glasgow Herald, on Wednesday the 15th of December, 1897, reads:


“SPRINGBURN CHORAL SOCIETY.- The Springburn Choral Society gave their second annual

performance of the Messiah in Sighthill Free Church last night. The Springburn society hold an

honourable place among local musical bodies. They tackled their somewhat ambitious task last

night in a very worthy manner, and Mr J. Michael Diack, the conductor, has no reason to feel

dissatisfied. The choir rendered the choruses in a style which showed earnest study. The soloists

were Miss Mary Finlay, Miss Helen G. Mainds, Mr George Neil, and Mr Walter Harvey. They

acquitted themselves well. The orchestral accompaniments were played by an orchestra under

the leadership of Mr W. H. Cole, and Mr D. M. Threshie acted as harmoniumist. The orchestra’s

admirable rendering of the Pastoral Symphony deserves mention. There was a large audience,

who showed by frequent applause their relish of the performance.”


George Fairfull-Smith, December 2022.