December 1908: Mr. James Friskin, a Young Glasgow Pianist

An article on page two of the Daily Record and Mail (Daily Record, in The British Newspaper Archive), on

Monday the 28th of December, 1908, reads:







A good deal of interest of a personal nature attached to the

performances at the popular orchestral concert in St. Andrew’s

Hall on Saturday night. Mr. James Friskin, a young Glasgow

pianist of remarkable ability, made his first appearance at these

concerts; Dr. Cowen presented once more, after an interval of

several years, his ‘Scandinavian’ symphony; and Mrs. Cowen was

the vocalist of the evening. No wonder the spacious hall was

packed in every corner. And everything went off merrily as a

marriage ball.


Mr. Friskin played the solo part in Brahms’s second concerto

for pianoforte and orchestra, in B flat, and thoroughly aroused

and maintained, until the close of the prodigious task, the

delighted enthusiasm of the audience by the brilliance of his

performance. Later he gave  two or three Chopin numbers

unaccompanied, for which he was encored.”



The remainder of the article comments on Dr. Cowen’s symphony

and Mrs. Cowen’s singing.



The British Newspaper Archive.



George Fairfull-Smith, July 2024.