December 1919: Popular Promenade Concerts – the Southern Syncopated Orchestra, at the Kelvin Hall – “Buddie” Issues Challenge to Meet George Formby

An article on page ten of the Daily Record and Mail (Daily Record, in The British Newspaper Archive), on

Tuesday the 30th of December, 1919, reads:






At each performance of the Southern Syncopated

Orchestra in the Kelvin Hall, Glasgow, fresh

evidence is forthcoming of the popularity of the

entertainment. Owing to the great rush of visitors,

extra accommodation is being prepared.


Two performances by both the Irish Guards Band

and the Southern Syncopated Orchestra were given

yesterday, each appearing in the afternoon and

evening. Specially enjoyable programmes were



It is interesting to note that ‘Buddie,’ the noise-maker

in the Jazz Band, has issued a challenge to meet George

Formby, who is stated to be a clever drummer.”




The British Newspaper Archive.




George Fairfull-Smith, June 2024.