December 1919: Promenade Concerts at the Kelvin Hall – the Southern Syncopated Orchestra

An article on page eight of The Glasgow Herald, on Tuesday the 30th of December, 1919, reads:




That the Kelvin Hall is becoming increasingly popular

as a place of entertainment at this season is evident

from the growing numbers attending the musical

promenades which are daily given there. This week

the order of the programme has been rearranged, and

the Southern Syncopated Orchestra plays first, the Irish

Guards’ Band following at four o’clock. The orchestra has

undoubtedly proved a big attraction, both from the

novelty of its programme and the capability and sincerity

of the performance. The versatility of Buddie Gilmore,

the drummer, his keenness and obvious enjoyment of his

part, delight the large audiences. The manager, Mr James M.

Freer, has again achieved a success in securing two attractions

such as the Guards’ Band and the Syncopated Orchestra for

the New Year Season.”




George Fairfull-Smith, June 2024.