February 1854: Meyerbeer’s “Les Huguenots” – Special Train from Glasgow to Greenock

An article on page two of the Greenock Advertiser, on Tuesday the 14th of February, 1854, reads:


“Our readers will observe from our advertising columns that a special train will leave Glasgow for

Greenock on Friday evening first, after the close of the Opera. We have no doubt that many of the

lovers of music in town will seize this opportunity of attending the performance of what is seldom

heard in this part of the country, an entire Opera, adequately and efficiently presented. That of

Friday will be Les Huguenots, the celebrated work of the German composer Meyerbeer, which, the

Glasgow Herald says, ‘is in many respects the most remarkable Opera ever produced in Glasgow,’

and which will, we are confident, be a source of high enjoyment to those of our townsmen who may

listen to it.”


The advertisement is on page three of the Advertiser, and includes: “The Train will start at Half-past

Twelve 0’Clock precisely.”



The British Newspaper Archive.


George Fairfull-Smith, November 2022.