February 1906: Miss Agnes Bartholomew, Glasgow Elocutionist, Participates in the Sixth-Centenary of Robert the Bruce Patriotic Musical Festival, at the Central Hall, Tollcross, Edinburgh, on Saturday the 10th

The advertisement for the Festival is on the front page of The Scotsman, on Wednesday the 7th of February, 1906.

Among the other performers, were: Miss Maggie Lister (Institution for Blind, Bradford), Soprano; Mrs Rae (Miss

Nina B. Horsburgh), Contralto; Mr Alfred C. Young, Baritone; and Mr W. Martin Hobkirk, Accompanist.



There is a short account of the performances on page six of The Scotsman, on Monday the 12th of February, 1906,




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George Fairfull-Smith, November 2022.