February 1922: Scottish Quintet’s Chamber Concert in the McLellan Galleries, Sauchiehall Street

An article on page eleven of The Glasgow Herald, on Thursday the 23rd of February, 1922, reads:




An unexpected interest was imparted to the chamber concert given

by the Scottish Quintet of Wind Instruments in the McLellan

Galleries, Glasgow, last night. Originally the programme promised

two movements of Mr David Stephen’s quintet for clarinet, oboe,

bassoon, horn, and piano, but on short notice Mr Stephen travelled

from Dunfermline to take the piano part himself, and the four

movements were played. It was a surprise which proved very

agreeable to the large audience, and the delightful rendering to which

they were treated called forth an ovation for the performers. The

additional movements necessitated the sacrifice of a Mozart quintet

which is seldom heard, but the compensation was ample. A quintet

by Reicha, a finale by Taffanel, and Huguenin’s humorous trio for wood

winds were also heard. Instrumental solos by Mr Leon Dandoy and

Mr Gus Wood, and vocal solos by Miss Ella Gardiner and Mr Miller

Reid were included in a thoroughly enjoyable programme.”


Presumably the composer referred to, is David Stephen (1869-1946) who is listed in the Reid Concerts University of

Edinburgh website.