February 1924: Second Annual Catholic Musical Festival

An article on page seven of The Glasgow Herald, on Friday the 22nd of February, 1924, reads:




The second annual Catholic Musical Festival will be held to-day and to-morrow in St Andrew’s

Halls, Glasgow. Although only a young festival it is well supported, and this year shows an

increase in the number of competitors. The adjudicators are Dr James Lyon, New Brighton,

Cheshire; Mr Robert McLeod, Edinburgh; and Miss Gullan, Glasgow. Much interest attaches to

the visit of Dr Lyon, as this will be his first appearance in this capacity in Scotland. He has

already acted as an adjudicator on several occasions in England, and is at present organising a

new festival at Wallasey, Merseyside. Well known already by his works, both choral and

instrumental, he is a prominent member of the British Music Society, and is going over to be

adjudicator at the Canadian Festivals this year.”


There is an advertisement for the Festival, on page eight of the Herald.