February 1937: English Song Recital in Glasgow

An article on page seven of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 1st of March, 1937, reads:




A lecture recital on ‘English Song’ was given on Saturday by Mr Hubert Foss, of the Oxford

University Press, London, in the recital room of Messrs Paterson, Sons and Co., Ltd.,

Buchanan Street, Glasgow.


Mr Foss said the history of English music was the history of song. There were three things

which had liberated English music from German domination – the rediscovery of our ancient

music with its lovely free rhythm; the association of our music to-day with our literature; and

the rediscovery of our folk song. These three things had made a natural musical speech in

free rhythm, which was really based upon song.


Mr Foss said he believed that in the last 40 years there had been a phase of English solo songs

of very great importance which at the moment was not recognised, but which would one day

prove to be historically important.”