February 1937: Glasgow Children’s Choir – the Junior Section of the Glasgow “William Morris” Choir, in the Berkeley Hall

An article on page six of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 1st of March, 1937, reads:




The junior section of the Glasgow ‘William Morris’ Choir operates on a much wider scale

than does the senior section. While the adults confine themselves to choral works, the

young people not only perform as a choir, they also practise and perform intricate dances,

eurythmics of various kinds, and action songs.


All these entertaining pastimes were cleverly illustrated on Saturday evening at the annual

concert of the junior section held in the Berkeley Hall, Glasgow, and a large audience greatly

enjoyed watching and listening to the numerous items. The choir was under Mr  James B.

Houston, conductor also of the senior section, and the dances and other items were under

Miss Nancy Johnstone and Miss Bet Johnstone. Miss Millicent Jones and Mr Houston were