For the Benefit of: A Grand Concert in Aid of the St. Elizabeth Clothing Society, 7th of January 1863

St. Andrew’s School, on Greendyke Street, close to Glasgow Green, was the venue for a fund-raising “Grand Concert.” Advertisements in the Glasgow papers, such as the one on the front page, of the Herald, on Tuesday the 6th of January, 1863, informed readers that Mademoiselle Vaneri had “kindly given her services gratuitously.” On this occasion, she would be assisted by Miss Murie, “and other Professional and Amateur Artistes.” First seats were one-shilling-and-sixpence. Second seats were one shilling.


On page two of the same issue of the newspaper, is a notice which reads:


“CONCERT IN AID OF THE ST. ELIZABETH CLOTHING SOCIETY. – From an advertisement in our columns to-day, to which we have been requested to draw attention, it will be seen that a concert in aid of this charitable society takes place to-morrow evening. The society was established a year ago for the purpose of relieving the necessities of the poor, and during the short period of its existence has, we believe, been instrumental in doing much good in this way. As the object of the concert is thus purely charitable, no doubt many will avail themselves of the opportunity of subscribing to the funds of the society by attending it.”