German Church, Woodlands Road, Glasgow, Tuesday the 26th of December, 1899

From page eight of The Glasgow Herald, on Wednesday the 27th of December, 1899:


“GERMAN CHURCH, GLASGOW. – Last night, in the German Church, Woodlands Road, Glasgow, the annual ‘Weinachtsfest’ [sic] (Christmas Festival) was held. A large and beautiful Christmas tree filled the chancel, while the walls of the church were decorated with evergreens. Pastor Geyer, minister of the congregation, presided. Interesting addresses were delivered by the Rev. John Brown, Bellahouston Parish, and the Rev. John Duncan, Cowlairs Parish. An excellent programme of instrumental music was rendered by Miss McMorrin’s Neapolitan Band, while the Christmas hymns, so dear to the German heart, were sung by all present, led by Mr Hilton, who presided at the organ. During the proceedings, Mr L. H..rn (?: text is difficult to read), in the name of the ‘Edelweiss Verein,’ presented Pastor Geyer with a handsome pocket-book, containing a sum of money, &c.”


On page 667 of the Post Office Glasgow Directory for 1898-1899, the Deutscher Verein (German Club) is listed at 102 Bath Street. A search of google books has the following reference to Pastor Geyer, in a snippet view from: W. J. B. Riddell, The Glasgow Ophthalmic Institution 1868-1968, 1968, page 20, “… Rev. A. Hans Geyer. Mr. Geyer was the Austrian pastor of a small German Church which was situated at the foot of Park Avenue, where it joins Woodlands Road. It is now demolished, but was an active little community when I was a schoolboy. He married a daughter of Mrs. Strong …” There are snippet views of two other publications which refer to Pastor Meyer.