Glasgow Abstainers’ Union, St. Andrew’s Day, City Hall Scots Concert, November 1911: Miss Jessie Maclachlan and Mr Robert Burnett

An article on page five of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 4th of December, 1911, reads:




For the third concert of the season, held on Saturday evening under the auspices of the Glasgow

Abstainers’ Union, a Scots programme was submitted in celebration of St Andrew’s Day. The

company of vocalists engaged included Miss Jessie Maclachlan and Mr Robert Burnett. There

was a large attendance. The programme comprised a capital selection of Scots songs, readings,

and music, and the various items were rendered excellently. Miss Jessie Maclachlan’s contributions

included two Gaelic numbers. Of the others, ‘Angus Macdonald’ and ‘Blue Bonnets’ were most

enthusiatically received. Mr Burnett, in his stirring rendering of ‘Macgregor’s Gathering’ early

brought forth unstinted applause. The other members of the company – Miss Chryss Buchanan,

Mr J. W. Bowie, Mr Scott Skinner, and Mr T. Harrower – ably sustained the high level set by

Miss Maclachlan and Mr Burnett.”