Glasgow Royal Infirmary Concert, Organised by the Glasgow Palette Club, December 1898

From page six of The Glasgow Herald, on Thursday the 8th of December, 1898:


“ROYAL INFIRMARY CONCERT. – An enjoyable and successful concert, organised by members of the Glasgow Palette Club, was held in the above institution on Tuesday evening. Dr D. N. Knox presided over a crowded attendance of nurses and patients. The Club Glee Choir, trained by Mr A. Gallie, A. Mus., rendered a number of part-songs, all of which were heartily appreciated, as were also some violin solos by Mr Albert Gatow, and a cornet performance by Master Maddock. Mr W. H. Macdonald and Mr George K. Walker contributed humorous fare, and songs were given by Messrs James G. Martin, James Whittet, S. Dallas, jun., John Blair, and James Wilson. A vote of thanks, proposed by Dr Thomas, was cordially awarded.”